The script

In order for Inovano to work, a small script must be installed on each page. This script collects the data from the visit and sends it to us for analysing.

How to install

Add the follwing two lines to the end of your web pages, right before the last <body> tag:

<script async id="inovano-script" src=""></script>
<noscript><img src="" alt=""></noscript>


The script is highly optimized for performance, so it won’t slow down your website.

  • The script is loaded asynchronously, so it doesn’t block your own content
  • The script uses the newest API for sending data when available, so sending data will not block the navigation
  • The script is around 2 KB, 20 times smaller than Google Analytics

Open Source

The code of our script can be inspected on BitBucket.

Single Page Applications

Some websites use javascript frameworks (React, Angular, VueJS,…) instead of simple html files. Traditionally you had to implement your own tracking triggers in order to use analytics.

As long as the framework makes use of the pushState API to navigate in the application, the Inovano script will collect every page view out of the box. No other integrations or code necessary.

Technical explanation

The Inovano script uses the decorator pattern to override the native pushState functionality of the browser on the website. It delegates this trigger back to the native implementation, this way your website stays unaffected. Additionally it adds the collect() event to the decorator to collect the data from the page visit.

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