What we collect

In our core, we are an analytics tool. So for obvious reasons we need to collect some information about your visitors. In this section of the documentation we explain what we collect. But even more importantly what we do not collect. We believe your users’ privacy is very important to protect, so we do not collect anything that can be uniquely identifiable.

What we collect


Obviously we collect the url of a visit, otherwise we could not link the visit to your site. We don’t collect any request parameters though, because we believe they can (and often will) contain private or personal information. Our script will automatically remove them before they are send to us.

User agents

A user agent is something a browser sends to any website to tell what kind of browser it is. We analyse this to get the browser and operating system. We don’t use it for fingerprinting.


We collect the referrer of the visit. This value tells us if the user has come directly to your site, or via another way. This way we can tell you if a certain site has linked to you that drives a lot of traffic to your site.

Alternatively, you can make use of your own referrer request parameters:

  • source
  • ref
  • utm_source

If you include one of these parameters in the url, we’ll take that value as the referrer. This is useful if you want to track your own advertisement campaigns or sponsored content.

Screen width

To determine what kind of device the user is on, we also collect the screen width. This helps us determine the right type of device.

Time zone

We don’t use IP addresses at all. (See the part about what we do not collect). To determine what country the user is coming from, we use the time zone of the user. Although this method is less accurate, and only gives us an idea about the country the user is coming from, this is not privacy sensitive and gives good enough results for most websites.

What we do not collect

IP addresses

We don’t store, save or process any IP addresses. We simply delete the IP address from every request. Maybe you have been told that some other tools hash them to protect users. This makes the IP address unreadable but they can still link one person to multiple requests. We don’t think this is in line with our privacy first ideology and thus we do not hash them either. We just never look at them.


We don’t collect or add any cookies when you use our script. Your visitors remain cookie free and will not be able to be tracked across multiple sites or visits.


Some analytics tools use fingerprinting to track users across sites. This methods collects a massive amount of data about the user and the device he or she is on to generate a unique id tied to that one particular user. We do not use fingerprinting in any way. The only information we collect can be consulted in this section.

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